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Murdoch University Senate



22 June 1987


Sir Ronald Wilson (Chancellor)

Professor P Boyce (Vice-Chancellor)

Capt. A Arrowsmith

Mr B Atkinson

Ms M Bickley

Mr R Cook

Professor M Dilworth

Mr D D Dunn

Professor E Edwards

Mr D Fischer

Associate Professor J Grandage

Mr G Hardie

Mr R Hughes

Dr D Kelly

Professor M Nairn

Mr K Rogers

Dr R Schibeci

Ms S Sleep

Mr P Sim

Mr J Taplin

Professor R Wales

Mr H Wallwork


Ms E Churcher

Dr W Louden

Leave of Absence:

Mr D P Fischer


The minutes of the meeting of the Senate held on 25th May l987 were confirmed.


Mr Hardie was welcomed to his first meeting of the Senate.

Appointees of the Governor

The Senate noted the reappointment under Section 12(1)(g) of Mr Wallwork for a second term and the appointment of Ms Betty Churcher for a first term, both appointments being for a term expiring on 15 May 1990.

The Chancellor expressed regret that Ms Churcher had been unable to attend this meeting because of the late notice of her appointment and a prior engagement.

(iii) Student Members

The Chancellor expressed his congratulations to Mr Kurt Rogers on his election as President of the Guild of Students for a term expiring at the end of the second semester.

The Chancellor advised that Mr Roger Cook had indicated his intention to resign from the Senate as from 27th June consequent on his move to Melbourne to take up his new appointment as President of the National Union of Students. As a consequence of this resignation, and Mr Rogers election to an ex officio place, a by-election would be held to fill the two positions of student member of the Senate. The result of the by-election would be available in time for those elected to attend the August meeting.

(iv) Convocation

The Senate noted that a further by-election would be held to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Ms Kenway. This election would be held concurrently with the election to If ill the vacancy resulting from the expiry Captain Arrowsmiths first term of office on 31st December and with the annual election for positions on the Standing Committee of Convocation.

(v) The Chancellor drew attention to the fact that this would be the last meeting to be attended by Professor Edwards whose current term1 of office would expire on 23rd July.

On behalf of members, the Chancellor thanked Professor Edwards for his valued service to the University.


Although a number of vacancies had occurred or would occur with the retirements of Mr Corser, Rabbi Coleman and Professor Edwards and the resignations of Ms Easter, Ms Kenway and Mr Cook, the Senate agreed that the filling of these vacancies in general should be postponed until the following meeting, when the name of the person to succeed Professor Edwards was likely to be known and it would possible to ascertain Ms Churchers particular fields of interest. However, there was some urgency in the filling of some vacancies.



(i) that Mr Rogers be appointed a member of the Finance and Staffing Committee to succeed Ms Easter;

(ii) that Mr Hardie be appointed a member of the Property Committee to replace Mr Corser.

Mr Rogers indicated that he would wish to continue as an elected member of the Property Committee until the election of other student members.

(iii) Institute of Social Programme Evaluation



that subject to his consent, Dr Louden be appointed a member of the Board of Management of this Institute.

(iv) Murdoch University Child Care Association (Incorporated)



that Ms Bickley be appointed a member of the committee of this Association.


The report of the Vice-Chancellor was received, those items requiring consideration by the Senate being noted separately hereunder.


The Vice-Chancellor advised that he had just returned from attending an AVCC Meeting which had included a discussion with members of the Universities Advisory Council at which it had become apparent that there was likely to be a delay, because of the Commonwealth election campaign, in the release of Volume II of the CTEC report for the 1988-90 trienniumn and of the Government decisions on recurrent and capital funding for 1988.

In addition to the items mentioned specifically hereunder, the Committee had met with Mr David Buckingham of the Department of Education, whose report on relations with Chinese Universities had drawn some criticism from Vice-Chancellors because of the conflicting advice emanating from the Department.

A decision had been made to commission a more detailed study on interstate entry score equivalents following consideration of an interim report prepared by Dr McGaw. The Vice-Chancellor also reported on a proposal for an inter-institutional computer network to be managed by Spearnet Inc., a company to be set up by the AVCC, and stated that he had received advice from the Media Policy Committee on the importance of the University becoming an original member of this network.


The Vice-Chancellor reported that Professor Slatyer, the Chairman of ASTEC, had addressed the AVCC on the Commissions report, recommending the establishment of an Australian Research Council.

It appeared likely that the recommendation would be accepted by the Government, although it was still unclear where the Council would be located. The AVCC had recommended that it should be established within the Prime Ministers Department.


The Vice-Chancellor reported that the AVCC had considered both an application from Curtin University of Technology for membership of the Australian Universities Industrial Association and one for the Vice-Chancellor of the University to be invited to become a member of the AVCC. The Vice-Chancellor reported that the application for AUIA membership had been approved because of what were seen to be the severe financial consequences of the alternative in view of FAUSA policy, which appeared to be designed to attract members at the expense of the Federation of College Academics.

However, the AVCC, following a straw vote, had decided not to come to any conclusion on the Curtin request for membership of the AVCC to be extended to its Vice-Chancellor. Instead if had appointed a committee comprising Professors Wilson, Webb and Nichol to make an assessment of the extent to which Curtin met the criteria for membership and report back to the September or, if need be, the November meeting.

Members noted that Curtin had been accepted for membership of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.


The Vice-Chancellor advised that Volume 1 of this report, including the recommendations on Guidelines for the triennium, had now been released. The report raised a number of important issues which would come before the Senate progressively and also proposed continued growth in the number of student places, of the order of 3.5 to 4 thousand students. It appeared that Murdoch would be likely to be offered another 100 places for 1988.


The Senate noted that a submission was being prepared for the establishment at this University of at least one of the three Special Research Centres which the Commonwealth proposed to establish for 1988, having regard to the advice from CTEC which stated -

The terms of reference of the Committee require it to regard excellence as the primary objective. Priority will be given to those proposals which can contribute to Australias economic development and international trade. The Committee would, of course, be receptive to innovative arrangements between institutions and co-operative developments with industry and commerce.


The transfer of this centre to the University on 29th May, with the Department of Community Services remaining as tenants of the accommodation for a limited period was noted.

The Vice-Chancellor reported that substantial progress was being made in the preparation of the residential block for the acceptance of students in second semester. In the first instance the great majority of students would be from overseas but an appropriate balance would be ensured in future years. Mr Peter Sinden, Lecturer in Commercial Law, had been appointed as part-time Warden of the Hall of Residence and consideration was now being given to several other part-time appointments.

The Chancellor commented on how impressed he and other members had been by a tour of inspection of the Centre prior to the meeting.


The Senate was informed that the Administrative Review Panel had completed its meeting to consider the responses to its interim report and that its final report was now expected to be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor in mid-July.


The Vice-Chancellor stated that the Advisory Committee on Fundraising, which he had appointed, had recommended that the University should embark on a major two-year fundraising programme as quickly as possible. The Committee had taken the view that in the special circumstances of the University a closely controlled programme of individual approaches would be most productive. This programme should eventually be conducted by two persons specially engaged for the project on a short-term contracts, one of whom would have a special responsibility for the Veterinary School fundraising scheme for which a position had been established in 1986 but not yet filled. It was proposed that the cost of the total programmne should be a first charge against the proceeds of the appeal, but in the first instance all costs would have to be met by the University.


The Vice-Chancellor reported that following a reduction in the funding for the Commonwealth Child Care Programme arising from the recent budget review, the Community Centre for which an on-campus site had been approved by the Senate at its previous meeting would now not go ahead until funds became available either through the failure of another State to meet its development programme or through the provision of additional funds in a subsequent Commonwealth budget.


The Senate noted that following approval at the last meeting of the Senate for the amendment of Statute 3 to provide for a separate School of Economics and Commerce as from 1st January 1988, preliminary planning for the establishment of this School and for the continuance of the School of Social Inquiry on a more limited base had been taking place. Professor Bolton had been elected unopposed as Dean of the School of Social Inquiry for a term of three years commencing on 1st January 1988 and would now be able to assume responsibility for academic and budget planning for the school. Staff members who would transfer to the new school had voted under Schools of Study Regulation 12(3) for the Dean to be elected by the staff, rather than nominated by the Vice-Chancellor after consultation with the School Board and staff members, and nominations had been called.


Members of the Senate noted with interest the award to the University of the l987 Civic Design Award. The award had been made by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (W A Chapter), the Australian Planning Institute (W A Division), Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (W A Group) and the Institution of Engineers of Australia CW A Division). The ViceChancellor advised that the citation read in part

The buildings and landscape have been developed in harmony with each other to achieve a pleasant and welcoming series of spaces, and The total Campus environment is the result of effective interdisciplinary interaction and demonstrates the qualities which are attainable when the professions independently strive to seek excellence in a common goal.

The Senate noted with pleasure that the Melville City Council had expressed its congratulations on this Award.


The Vice-Chancellor reported that he was likely to miss the July meeting of the Senate. He had been invited to take a leading part in a seminar being organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs on the issue of World Development. In October he would participate in a discussion in London on the theme of Higher Education Policy in the United Kingdom and Australia at which he had been invited to speak on the topic of performance indicators.

Other commitments in the next few months included the delivery of the W A McI Green Oration at the Local Government Association Conference, participation in the discussion at the Law Convention in Perth on the topic of Human Rights and the delivery of the first Murdoch Lecture for the Melville Historical Society.



That the Vice-Chancellor be granted leave of absence from the July meeting of the Senate.


The report of the Academic Council from its meeting on 10th June l987 was received, those items requiring consideration by the Senate being noted separately hereunder.


On the recommendation of the Academic Council



(i) to approve the award of degrees as listed in the attached statement to the students who had completed the requirements for the particular programmes shown against their names.

(ii)  (a)  to rescind that part of Senate Resolution 126/86 awarding the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (Division B) to Mr P J Hosie (780759E); and
(b) that Mr Hosie be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (Division A).
  1.  PRIZES

On the recommendation of the Academic Council



to establish the prizes named hereunder on the conditions specified for those prizes.

Waldecks Prize for Horticulture II

An annual prize of $250 to be awarded by the Board of the School of Environmental and Life Sciences, in consultation with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Western Australia, for the best academic performance in Horticulture 200 (UWA) and N242 Horticulture II.

National Farmers Federation Prize

An annual prize of $150 to be awarded by the Board of the School of Environmental and Life Sciences, in consultation with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Western Australia, to the student submitting the best fourth year project in the Horticultural Science programme, whether that project was carried out at Murdoch University or the University of Western Australia. In the years l987 and 1988 the prize will be awarded to the student with the best overall performance in years 1, 2 or 3 of the Horticultural Science programme.

Institute of Directors in Australia (WA Branch) Prize in Company Law

An annual prize of $250 to be awarded by the Board of the School of Economics and Commerce, on the recommendation of the Commerce Programme Committee, for the best academic performance by a graduating student in the course S221 Company Law.

The Town and Country W A Building Society and the Australian Society of Accountants Prize

An annual prize of $500 to be awarded by the Board of the School of Economics and Commerce, on the recommendation of the Commerce programme committee, for the best academic performance of a graduating student who has completed the course requirements for admission to the Australian Society of Accountants.


On the recommendation of the Academic Council following report from the Library Committee.



that Library Regulation 17 be rescinded and Regulation 16(c) amended to read -

(c) Periodicals, except by special permission of the Librarian or Officer-in Charge.


The report of the meeting of the Legislation Committee on 18th June was tabled.


On the recommendation of the Legislation Committee



to approve

(i) the amendment of Statute No. 3 as attached, as approved in principle by Senate Resolution 36/87;

(ii) the amendment of Statute No. 5, as attached

(a) to correct an anomaly in the amendments made to the Statute following Senate approval in 1986; and

(b) to delete the provision for membership of the Academic Council by the Chair of the Board of Part I Studies, as approved in principle by Senate Resolution 17/87; and

(iii) the repeal of Statute No. 9, as attached, as approved in principle by Senate Resolution 17/87.

This resolution was passed by an absolute majority.


On the recommendation of the Legislation Committee and having regard to its approval in principle (Senate Res. 17/87),



to approve the amendment of these regulations as set out in the attachment.


Having noted the Senates approval in principle (Senate Res. 49/86) of conditions for the award of higher doctorates and on the recommendation of the Legislation Committee



to approve the attached regulations for the award of the degrees of Doctor of Science, Doctor of Literature and Doctor of Veterinary Science.


The Senate noted that this committee had met on Thursday 11th June following an inspection of the Melville Centre and that the business discussed at that meeting had related to the University takeover of the centre and to the issue of a proposed use of part of the University campus.


The Senate went into committee for consideration of this item.


The appointment of Dr John M Bailey as a Temporary Lecturer in Environmental Assessment in the School of Environmental and life Sciences was noted.