Senate | Members

Senate Member

Term expires

Chancellor (ex-officio)

Mr David Flanagan

7 August 2019

Vice Chancellor (ex-officio)

Professor Eeva Leinonen


Members elected from and by the academic staff*

Dr Janice Dudley

5 November 2018

Mr Steve Klomp

28 December 2019

Associate Professor Anne Surma

28 November 2017

Member elected from and by non-academic staff

Mrs Fiona Feist

18 April 2020

Members elected from and by the students*

Mr Tay Alers

31 December 2017

Ms Brodie Skalko

31 December 2017

Members elected from and by the graduates of the University

Ms Jay Martin

31 December 2017

Mr Wal Slaven

31 December 2018

Members appointed by the Governor*

Emeritus Professor John Edwards

29 September 2018

Mrs Andrea Hall

1 September 2017

Mr Peter Kerr

21 December 2018

Mr Paul Sadleir

19 September 2017

Members co-opted by the Senate*

Ms Ricky Burges PSM

10 March 2018

Mr Ross Holt (Deputy Chancellor)

9 June 2020

Mr Glen Kelly

23 May 2018

President of Academic Council (ex-officio)

Professor John Pluske

31 December 2017

Secretary to Senate

Ms Trudi McGlade (University Secretary)

*As per section 37. Transitional provisions (Senate) for Universities Legislation Amendment Act 2016 as at 02 Jan 2017 (Murdoch University Act 1973)