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Senate Member

Term expires

Chancellor (ex-officio)

Mr David Flanagan AM CitWA

7 August 2019

Vice Chancellor (ex-officio)

Professor Eeva Leinonen


One person elected from and by the academic staff

Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turk

11 March 2021
One person elected from and by non-academic salaried staff

Ms Julie Whitlock

8 April 2021
Two persons who are students -
one person elected by and from the undergraduate students

Mr Kombo Mashumba

31 December 2019

one person elected by and from the postgraduate students

Mr Deneegan Subramanian

31 December 2019

Two persons elected from and by the graduates of the University

Mr Roland Belford

31 December 2020

Mr Abby Agrawal

31 December 2021

Three members appointed by the Governor

Mr Peter Kerr

21 December 2021

Ms Rebecca Tomkinson

19 November 2021


Not more than five persons co-opted by the Senate

Mr Gavin Buckingham

17 August 2020

Ms Ricky Burges PSM

10 March 2021

Mr Ross Holt (Deputy Chancellor)

9 June 2020

Mr Ross Hughes

1 September 2020

Mr Glen Kelly

23 May 2021

President of Academic Council (ex-officio)

Professor Parisa A. Bahri

31 December 2020

Secretary to Senate

Ms Trudi McGlade (University Secretary)