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Senate Member

Term expires

Chancellor (ex-officio)

Mr David Flanagan AM CitWA

7 August 2019

Vice Chancellor (ex-officio)

Professor Eeva Leinonen


One person elected from and by the academic staff

Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turk

11 March 2021
One person elected from and by non-academic salaried staff

Ms Julie Whitlock

8 April 2021
Two persons who are students -
one person elected by and from the undergraduate students

Mr Jordan Barham-Shepherd

31 December 2018

one person elected by and from the postgraduate students


31 December 2018

Two persons elected from and by the graduates of the University*

Mr Roland Belford

31 December 2020


31 December 2018

Three members appointed by the Governor*

Mr Peter Kerr

21 December 2018



Not more than five persons co-opted by the Senate*

Mr Gavin Buckingham

17 August 2020

Ms Ricky Burges PSM

10 March 2021

Mr Ross Holt (Deputy Chancellor)

9 June 2020

Mr Ross Hughes

1 September 2020

Mr Glen Kelly

23 May 2021

President of Academic Council (ex-officio)

Professor Parisa A. Bahri

31 December 2020

Secretary to Senate

Ms Trudi McGlade (University Secretary)

*As per section 37. Transitional provisions (Senate) for Universities Legislation Amendment Act 2016 as at 02 Jan 2017 (Murdoch University Act 1973)